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Monasch is an exclusive brand of Best Wool in the Netherlands. This leading manufacturer has been designing and producing woollen rugs since 1982 for the interior market. Innovative and professional, the manufacturing of quality rugs requires skilful craftsmen who, with great attention to detail, get the most out of wool, machinery and their talents.

Our promise

Our reputation is empowered by craftsmanship, innovative strength and unique design. We safeguard our reputation by continuously investing in our employees, our partnerships and our brands. We strengthen our reputation by increasing and actively sharing our knowledge of wool. In this way we give subtance to our ambition of being the first circular wool rug company. It is our goal to be fully circular in 2030 and want to keep our promise with regards to health, sustainability and circularity. By using regenerative sources, we even go beyond.

Our People

Artisanal techniques and craftsmanship are now being fully appreciated once more – and with good reason. A natural product like wool stands or falls with the craftsmen involved: from shepherds and spinners to our own craftsmen who, with great attention to detail and quality, get the most out of their machines.

Working with wool is a craftsmanship, which our skilled operators understand very well. Passionate about wool and beautiful products we turn each rug into a masterpiece. Our people are dedicated to offer you something special, which makes life more beautiful.

Our Selection

Our selection is commonly considered one of the most beautiful wool rug collections available. In order to meet our high quality standards, we work with the finest wool from New Zealand and Europe. This is completely natural when it comes to colour, comfort, insulation, acoustics and resilience.

With a growing selection of qualities in various colours, sizes, shapes and edge finishes, we turn each rug into a custom project.

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The wool carpets of Monasch are manufactured in the town of Best, in the Netherlands.

Monasch is a division of

Kanaaldijk 3
5683 CR Best
The Netherlands
+31 499 399100

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    We care about our clients and our products. Comfort is in our nature. For this reason we appreciate to receive any feedback. Should you have questions, remarks or complaints, please contact us.

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