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At Monasch we pride ourselves through our ideals and quality of our products.
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Monasch is an exclusive brand of Best Wool in The Netherlands. This leading manufacturer has been designing and producing woollen carpets and rugs since 1982, both for residential and professional use. Every Monasch rug represents 40 years of wool expertise, innovation, and craftsmanship. Nature’s perfection has always been our source of inspiration.

We hope to inspire you with all we have to offer as one of the leading circular wool rug companies that we are today.

Yvar Monasch

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Inspiration has always been a rich source. If you are looking for a natural lifestyle wool is a healthy and perfect choice. Our collection represents pure natural and luxury rugs made exclusively from the best wool, durable and traceable to source. Tastes change, new opportunities arise and our designers continiously create new products.

Find here our latest offers for your lifestyle. Select your favourite rug design and let your Monasch rug become your new interior treasure!

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Innovative and professional, the manufacturing of quality rugs requires skillful craftsmen who, with great attention to detail, get the most out of wool, machinery and their talents.

Inspired by nature’s perfection

Nature has engineered life to the extent of sheer perfection. Like wool. This incredible fibre is one of nature’s free gifts that excels in versatility and presents numerous inbuilt qualities and benefits. Wool has that pure and authentic look and feel we associate with health and comfort. Wool is warm, soft, and luxurious, is fire retardant, has great acoustic value, is easy to maintain, and acts as a natural air filter. Wool demonstrates the perfection of nature, inspiring us to design and manufacture woollen rugs as sustainably as possible. The Monasch collection is the result of this inspiration and empowerment.

About wool

The qualities of wool go far beyond warmth and comfort. There is a lot more to be said about why we love this extremely versatile fiber. The amazing features of wool make it a perfect material for interior flooring when it comes to health, comfort, maintenance and durability.

A woollen carpet contributes to a healthier living and sleeping environment. Fine, floating particles such as dust and pollen are ‘caught’ by the natural scale structure of the wool, and can then be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

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Innovative design

Our selection is commonly considered one of the most beautiful collections available. In order to meet our high quality standards, we work with the finest wool from New Zealand and Europe. This is completely natural when it comes to colour, comfort, insulation, acoustics and resilience.

Highly experienced expert craftsmen turn each rug into a custom project. With a growing selection qualities in various colours, sizes shapes and edge finishes, all Monasch rugs can be adjusted to anyone’s specific wishes.

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The elements collection

Monasch presents a series of woollen rugs inspired by the four elements of ancient Greek philosophy. As such, this collection is a modern-day depiction of earth, water, fire, and air. The result is Dutch Design at its best, with a rich gradation of colours and produced thanks to innovative production techniques. Elements is available in a number of shapes and sizes. Like every Monasch rug, the Elements rugs are produced for circularity which means that they can be recycled.

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Monasch presents the Elements collection

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The wool carpets of Monasch are manufactured in the town of Best, in the Netherlands.

Monasch is a division of

Kanaaldijk 3
5683 CR Best
The Netherlands
+31 499 399100

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