Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, when it comes to our collection, all our senses will be satisfied. Attractive to the eye because of the stunning Dutch design. Delightful to touch as a result of the soft and ultra comfortable wool used for Monasch rugs. Soothing to your ears as well due to the great acoustic effect wool has on your interior. Even your sense of taste as far as aesthetics concerns will be more than pleased.

Discover our collections.

Custom production

With a selection of fifteen qualities in various colours, sizes shapes and edge finishes, all Monasch carpets can be adjusted to anyone’s specific wishes.

Every carpet is provided with an edge finish. The available options are whipped, blind, linen, felt and leather finish.

The minimum carpet size is 120 x 120 cm, the maximum size is 400 x 500 cm.

Apart from square and rectangular carpets, Monasch also offers round carpets ( max. 400 cm) and – upon request – other organic shapes. These are exclusively available with a blind finish.

Runners are available with a width of 70 to 120 cm and a maximum length of 700 cm. This will incur an extra charge.

We work with a length and width tolerance of 2 cm. This is due to the design and pattern of the carpet. Stripes or patterns always have a lengthwise direction in the carpet. If another direction is desired, please let us know.

Other sizes and designs available upon request.