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Our design department and product developers work closely together with up and coming designers talents as well as with renowned designers.

”Inspired by nature, to inspire others” is what we aim for. A vision that hopefully sparks awareness and boosts sustainable product development.

Style makes a house a home, and nothing beats comfort when it comes to creating a living space you love. However, neither style nor comfort needs to be sacrificed to make your interior sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Dutch design

Monasch is located in the Brainport region in the South of the Netherlands. The same region that hosts the Dutch Design Week which attracts thousands of international designers and design-lovers. Consequently creativity and innovation are part of the Monasch DNA that fuels the Monasch collection.

Dutch innovation

Monasch woollen rugs are manufactured by a technique called tufting. A relatively generic technique unless your rug is branded Monasch. Our innovative product developers are using production techniques in a way which only a few companies worldwide can do. The result is an exclusive signature that is distinctive for Monasch. In the end it is the craftmanship of our skilled wool experts that makes a rug a Monasch rug. Handcratfted in details which makes the difference.

Personal ambience

Rugs play an increasingly prominent role in interiors. On the one hand they make a statement, on the other hand they add to the ambience and colour of a room. Carpet under your feet creates warmth, comfort and individual style. This is how you can make a difference to your interior.

Personal style

Each Monasch rug is based on a delicate but explicit design, supplemented with derived colours or contrasting hues. The rugs may share colours and hues, the way it appears in the patterns is completely different. A shared DNA that has evolved into 15 examples of contemporary Dutch design. The collection offers a variety of qualities in different sizes and shapes. From rectangular, square to round and even organic shapes. All Monasch rugs can be adjusted to anyone’s specific wishes.

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The wool carpets of Monasch are manufactured in the town of Best, in the Netherlands.

Monasch is a division of

Kanaaldijk 3
5683 CR Best
The Netherlands
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