About Circularity

Every Monasch rug is designed to be circular. Instead of non-sustainable, often very polluting materials the Monasch wool rug uses the circular Niaga® technology. Health and sustainability are elementary values of the Monasch brand. Our collection reflects high quality standards including all the benefits that wool incorporates.

We use the finest wool, durable and traceable to source and with respect for nature. We personally visit our wool partners to learn about their strategy in challenging wool growers to go beyond sustainability.

Monasch is specialized in circular woollen designer rugs. As we speak the Monasch collection is considered one of the most beautiful available. On top of that it extends the sustainable ambitions to the next level: every Monasch rug is recyclable! The vision of the Monasch brand embraces challenges. Elevated by stunning design and innovative production techniques, our collection reflects everything we have to offer as the leading circular wool rug company which we are today.

Embracing sustainability

Circularity and recycling aside, eco-friendliness, sustainability, animal-welfare and product liability are key values of the Monasch brand. We invest significantly in sustainable solutions in order to operate as eco-friendly as possible. Our office and production location is powered by solar energy. In fact, we produce more eco-friendly energy than we use.

Niaga ®

Beautiful in it’s own right. There is an unique component to every Monasch rug that is not in plain sight. Monasch rugs are designed to be circular thanks to the Niaga® technology. This enables the polyester backing to be easily decoupled from the woollen pile so that both layers can be recycled. Once a Monasch rug has reached the end of its life, Monasch will take it back so that valuable components can be reused as raw material.


Transparency is key

As a leading circular wool rug brand we take responsibility for the entire life cycle of our products. We work with the best New Zealand wool, certified and traceable to source. This enables us to be fully transparant, to meet quality standards and safeguard our brand values.

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The wool carpets of Monasch are manufactured in the town of Best, in the Netherlands.

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