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Nature’s perfection is astounding. Naturally occurring materials are incredibly versatile. Wool is a perfect example of this. In addition to its pure and authentic look, wool also offers functional benefits related to health, safety and comfort. Eco-friendly and sustainability are key terms when it comes to living. Wool does well in both aspects. It more or less grows on grass, and after shearing, it grows back automatically. On top of that, wool is a natural, hard-wearing fibre that is biodegradable. By embracing natural materials, biodegradable products and air-purifying fibres, your home can be stylish, comfortable and sustainable.

‘Wool is back, although it was never really gone. We can see its return in fashion and upholstery fabrics, and especially in modern interiors, which combine sustainability with comfort and luxury. Our wool carpets excel in all these qualities. Made of the best wool by expert craftsmen with many years of experience, our carpets guarantee top-notch quality. For life.’

Healthy by nature

Made exclusively of natural components, wool is healthy by nature. A wool carpet contributes to a healthier living and sleeping environment. Fine, floating particles such as dust and pollen are ‘caught’ by the natural scale structure of the wool, and can then be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Wool neutralizes the hazardous smell and health implications of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Wool is made up of scales, and these scales open and close naturally, which sucks in the VOCs, and locks them in the fiber for more than 20 years.

In addition to this, wool also offers other functional benefits: it is flame-retardant, has significant acoustic value, is easy to maintain and is extremely comfortable.

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Traceable and ethical

Monasch is affiliated with ZQ. This certificate guarantees that the wool has been obtained according to the strict standards that ZQ applies when it comes to sustainability, the environment and animal welfare. Every Monasch rug is produced with ZQ wool and meets these requirements. All wool is therefore guaranteed to be of absolute top quality and traceable to the source.

Traceable and ethical wool sourced from ZQ farms to ensure animal welfare and respect for the environment.


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The wool carpets of Monasch are manufactured in the town of Best, in the Netherlands.

Monasch is a division of

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